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BY Gil Cope


The Amber Conspiracy follows famed antiquities hunter Jack Monroe as he searches for the truth behind the murder of renowned Amber Room expert Urie Roskopf. Monroe soon begins to suspect that Roskopf's death is somehow connected to the missing eighth wonder of the world, The Amber Room, and it's his belief that the priceless treasure, created by King Frederick I in the 18th century, has ties to a sinister secret society, the Illuminati.


If Monroe's suspicion is correct, then there's little doubt that the Illuminati are responsible for Urie’s death, which leaves Monroe and Urie's granddaughter, Kira Solomon, to solve the question of how to penetrate the most secretive society in the world.


Simultaneously, we go back in time to track the story of a sacred relic, which we first discover being rescued by a band of warrior monks during the siege of Constantinople in 1204, then later as it comes in and out of the possession of the Knights Templars, the Freemasons, and the Nazis before eventually making its way to the Illuminati and the Amber Room.


Jack & Kira's persistence in locating the Amber Room and unraveling the mystery surrounding Roskopf's murder places them in the crosshairs, as their investigation threatens an audacious plan by the Illuminati to bring down their centuries-old archenemy.

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