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A huge thank you to Kathryn Bennett from for her rave!

The Amber Conspiracy is truly full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing and enjoying every moment. I had never heard of the Amber Room before so it was fantastic to learn about this piece of history. You can tell that Mr. Gil Cope put a great deal of work and research into his novel. The flow of the novel between history and murder mystery is fantastic and makes it that much more entertaining. If you are looking for a book that is going to give you everything you want in one place, this is the read for you. I found every turn of the page to be a new wonder of excitement and something I enjoyed. If you want to be fully taken into a book and enjoy the reading experience, choose this book.

Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite



Gil Cope has put together in this book a very interesting plot as he narrates the story behind the relic, and its journey through time. He also created a suspenseful thriller as Jack Monroe and Kira try to solve Urie’s murder at the same time that they find themselves getting deeper within the Illuminati and the Amber Room conspiracy. Cope’s writing is impeccable. The pace is perfect, and the characters well developed. It hooked me from the beginning to end making this book very difficult to put down.

I definitely give “The Amber Conspiracy” by Gil Cope five stars and highly recommend it to all adventure, mystery, and suspense lovers. I can hardly wait to see what stories Gil Cope comes up with next!

Michel Violante for Reader Views

+ 5 Stars  REVIEW


Gil Cope writes an epic cloak and dagger thriller. The Amber Conspiracy takes you back into history and then catapults you into the present. Cope easily fluctuates back and forth in time, chronicling the journey of the relic and the location of the Amber Room. The vast array of characters, past and present, were easy to visualize; they were described with intricate precision. The historical accuracy of the Nazi regime, Knights Templar, and the origins of the Free Masons gave foundational depth to the plot scheme. Full of action, sensory descriptions and on the edge adventure, The Amber Conspiracy reads like a motion picture. As the plot develops, it broadens, taking you down many curious pathways before it ultimately narrows into its climax. By not disclosing the true nature of the relic, Cope keeps the reader curiously engaged in the mystery. He waited to reveal the truth until the pinnacle of the plot. Descending the falling action of the story, I was pleasantly surprised with The Amber Conspiracy’s clever ending.

Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

+ 4 Stars  REVIEW


The Amber Conspiracy is both thrilling and fascinating in its historical depth. The story – both the true account and the fictional version told in the book - is truly one of epic proportions. From the Inquisition to Nazi Germany to a corrupt present day Nigerian government, Cope spins an intricate story of grand scope that manages to sustain its focus and keep readers guessing until the very end.

Luxury Readers

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