Thank you to Cheryl Rodriguez from Reader' for her glowing review - I'm thrilled!

Gil Cope writes an epic cloak and dagger thriller. The Amber Conspiracy takes you back into history and then catapults you into the present. Cope easily fluctuates back and forth in time, chronicling the journey of the relic and the location of the Amber Room. The vast array of characters, past and present, were easy to visualize; they were described with intricate precision. The historical accuracy of the Nazi regime, Knights Templar, and the origins of the Free Masons gave foundational depth to the plot scheme. Full of action, sensory descriptions and on the edge adventure, The Amber Conspiracy reads like a motion picture. As the plot develops, it broadens, taking you down many curious pathways before it ultimately narrows into its climax. By not disclosing the true nature of the relic, Cope keeps the reader curiously engaged in the mystery. He waited to reveal the truth until the pinnacle of the plot. Descending the falling action of the story, I was pleasantly surprised with The Amber Conspiracy’s clever ending.

Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

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